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Beyond Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: Opportunities & Challenges

  • An After the Bell Panel Discussion for Institutions, Traders, & Hedge Funds

Quant World, Terrapinn, Dec. 2nd, 2013, New York

  • Roundtable Leader: Creating Fairness in High-Speed Trading

Global Markets Summit, Markets Media, Nov. 21, 2013, New York

  • Technology Assessment Roundtable

Terrapinn, June 25, 2013, Chicago

  • Future of the Capital Markets Industry - Lessons Learned & How to Move Forward

The Trading Show, Terrapinn, June 27, 2012, Chicago

  • Fairness of outcomes vs. opportunities – who bears the cost of market construction and is it fair for everyone to access?

Conference: Market Share Overview, March 8, 2012

  • Speaker: 'Assessing The Real Impact Of High Frequency Trading On The US Markets'

Global Markets Summit, November 30, 2011, New York

  • Panelist: The New Era of Institutional Trading

Buy-Side North American Summit, October 4, 2011 New York

  • Moderator: ‘Evaluating the Impact of High Frequency Trading’

Quant Invest, Terrapin, June 29, 2011, Chicago

  • Moderator: 'The great debate – man vs. machine'

Quant Invest, June 28, 2011, Chicago

  • Panelist: ‘Assessing How HFT has Impacted the Quant Market at Large

High Frequency Trading World, Terrapinn, June 9, 2011, Amsterdam

  • Presentation: 'HFT: Order or Chaos'

High Frequency Trading World 2010, December 6-8, 2010, New York

  • Panelist: ‘Assessing How HFT has Impacted the Market’
  • Moderator: ‘Access options - exchange membership, D.M.A and sponsored access’

Hedge 2010 / HFT World Europe, Terrapinn, November 9, 2010, London

  • Panelist: ‘Explicability: Understanding & Explaining the Unexpected’
  • Presentation: 'The New Market Order

Best Execution USA, Waters Magazine, October 6, 2010, New York

  • Moderator: ‘Expanding the Frontiers of Smart Order Routing’

Algorithmic Trading Summit, IQPC – Finance IQ, New York, August 26, 2010, New York

  • Panelist: The Next Generation of Algorithmic Trading
  • Moderator: Flashcrash - Could a Rogue Algorithm Bring Down the Market?
  • ˇ

Automated, High-Frequency & Algorithmic Trading, The Mankoff Company, March 9, 2010, London

  • Panelist: ‘Assessing the Current Environment and Future Implications’

Battle of the Quants, Global Capital Acquisition: June 12, 2009, London

  • Main Debate Panelist: ‘Man vs. Machine’
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